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On July of 2017,Beijing Arete-IP Agency was elected as a council member of Beijing Patent Attorneys Association.
Up to October of 2014, Arete-IP has extended its steady client scope to more than 20 countries and regions, including China, USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on.
On June of 2013, Dr. Shen YAN, Arete-IP Senior partner, was re-elected as a council member of All China Patent Attorneys Association.
On March 3 of 2006, Arete-IP was designated by SIPO as a licensed foreign related patent agency to provide patent-related services to clients all over the world.
On October 8 of 2005, Arete-IP moved in the Brand-new office in Building 3, Zhubang 2000 Business Center.
    In September of 2003, Arete-IP filed the first trademark registration application before Chinese Trademark Office.
    In August of 2003, Arete-IP was authorized by Beijing AIC and recorded before SAIC as a licensed trademark agency (Agency No.553) to provide both domestic and foreign-related trademark services.
    In July of 2003, Arete-IP filed the first patent invalidation request before the Patent Reexamination Board under SIPO.
On May 19 of 2003, Arete-IP filed the first three patent applications before Chinese Patent office.
    On April 22, 2003, Arete-IP was approved by SIPO as a licensed domestic patent agency (Agency No.11269).
On April 18 of 2003, Arete-IP founding partners, Ms. Ling GAN and Dr. Shen YAN founded Arete-IP.
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